Sunny Leone Birthday: Here are her love story

Sunny Leone Birthday: Here are her love story

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Today is the birthday of Bollywood's bold actress Sunny Leone. Sunny's fans are wishing her a happy birthday. Sunny Leone has many fan pages on social media. Where every old and new pictures and videos of her are shared. Her husband Daniel Weber is very important in Sunny's life. But do you know how they met?

Sunny and Daniel had their first meeting in Las Vegas. By that time, Sunny had become the queen of the adult film industry. Both of them arrived at a common friend's party. Daniel was very impressed by Sunny's beauty. At the same time, Daniel approaches Sunny, and she refuses. Daniel had taken Sunny's phone number and email ID.

Even after Sunny refuses, Daniel continues to send her flowers and emails. At that time Sunny's mother had passed away, and she had also come out of the breakup. It took Sunny two months to get out of it all and eventually she went on a date with Daniel. But Sunny could not understand whether she was right or wrong by dating Daniel.

Sunny Leone Birthday: Here are her love story

Daniel and Sunny were together for five hours on their first date. Sunny was also very impressed with Daniel. He sent Daniel a huge bouquet and also wrote a sorry note for not meeting for two months. After dating for a few more days, Sunny married Daniel in 2011 according to Sikh and Jewish customs. Sunny herself told several times that Daniel is the perfect husband material.

After marriage, Sunny and Daniel opened their production house together. When Sunny decided to enter Bollywood, Daniel also supported her. Be it shoot or interview, Daniel is always seen with Sunny. Daniel is Sunny's husband and her full-time manager. Sunny does not do any film without Daniel's will. The mother of three children, Sunny Leone, is always seen spending quality time with children.

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